PhD Color Portable Electronic Bingo Unit

The PhD™ (Planet’s Handheld Device), affectionately known to the players as “the DOC”, is Planet Bingo’s™ solution to handheld electronic bingo devices.

The PhD™ is a self-contained electronic device capable of performing the most intensive bingo tasks. Players enjoy a full color oversized display, ease of operation, long battery life, and RF capable so they can have their numbers daubed automatically when a ball is called.

For the hall operator, high-speed infrared capability makes loading quick and easy. Additionally, the PhD™ is charged in a slip in rack in various configurations, which allows the bingo hall to strategically place units where needed. No bulky racks forcing cashiers to leave their posts to retrieve a unit for loading. The slip in chargers can be positioned where the cashiers sit. Loading of the PhD™ is as easy as pointing the program load module at the PhD™. Data is loaded at an extremely high rate which makes for faster line movement. Players won’t be standing in line waiting for their turn.

The PhD™ was designed to be both flexible and easy to use by the first time player. No significant training is required to operate the unit, which makes the PhD™ both a winner in the eyes of bingo hall management as well as with the players.

1 Card View 3 Card View
6 Card View 12 Card View

PhD™ Features:

  • Full color, 10.4” high resolution, antiglare, touch screen display, NO buttons to break or stick.
  • RF capable for “automatic” daubing operation.
  • Screen angle is adjustable with built in stand.
  • PhD™ holds numbers for every game, all session for easy review and compliance.
  • 14 hours of operation with a single charge of the internal Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Capable of playing thousands of cards and an unlimited number of games per session.
  • Supports an endless variety of specialty games:
    MPBingo® ready. Automatically daubs numbers in the correct color. Plays Bonanza, U-Pick-Em (7,8,9 numbers) Odd/Even, Wild number games, Hotball, and Speed Bingo to name just a few.
Contact a Planet Bingo™ representative for a complete list of features and functionality and how you can get the most sought after unit on the market.

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