Planet Bingo™ Product Zone

Planet Bingo™ offers the full gamut of 75# and 90# bingo related products including handheld and fixed-base electronics, multi-progressive high-stakes jackpot solutions, POS and Player Tracking Systems, and exciting Bingo, Keno, and Class II gaming solutions.

Planet Bingo's™ expertise does not end at our core product line. Our custom solutions department has years of experience in retrofitting existing locations all around the world that want to take advantage of today's gaming platforms. From custom game design and playability to specific language packs, Planet Bingo's™ commitment to providing complete and custom end-to-end solutions is unrivalled in the industry.

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MPBingo® - Multi-Progressive Jackpot Solution



MPBingo® is the only one of its kind multi-progressive high-stakes linked jackpot solution designed to add 5 additional progressive linked jackpots to your prize board, exciting game play, and an unrivaled bingo experience!

There are currently many tribal gaming locations and state regulators that use MPBingo® to drive additional revenue and to entice players with high-stakes bingo throughtout regular session games!

MPBingo® is configured to play with Domestic 75# and International 90# session bingo and drop-in style bingo configurations!

The Epic™ System

epic logo

epic screens

The Epic System™

The EPIC System™ is the most comprehensive bingo hall management system available today. It operates in some of the nations largest and most profitable bingo halls.

EPIC's™ unique design and development is 100% customer and compliance driven. It takes advantage of many years of operational experience and customer feedback and incorporates features and refinements not available in any other system. EPIC can interface with many casino players club systems in order to share valuable customer data between the  bingo hall and your casino. Additionally, EPIC™ is the only system on the market that is capable of downloading Max Pak, PhD™, and OneTouch™ electronic bingo devices. Don't let your electronic bingo equipment determine your management system. Let EPIC™ keep you in control of your bingo hall.

The EPIC System™ has been audited by major accounting firms for controls, completeness and security, and has also been found to fully meet the NIGC MICS. EPIC™ is frequently selected by customers above cheaper systems and "free" software because of its added value and strong internal control standards.

GemHunt™ - Speed Bingo for Portable Units


GemHunt™ is an exciting pari-mutuel speed bingo game that has been developed for the PhD™ handheld electronic unit and includes 5 progressive jackpots! Players can play GemHunt™ during idle times or even as a drop-in style stand alone game!

GemHunt™ is parimutuel so hall operators will always make a profit!

PhD™ and OneTouch™ - Portable and Stationary Bingo Units


The PhD™ is an advanced full color touch screen portable electronic bingo unit that is ergonomically designed and plays most every popular bingo game on the market including MPBingo™, GemHunt™, QuickPlay™, and entertainment games! The PhD™ is capable of playing most Domestic and International 75# and 90# games!

This state-of-the-art large screen fixed base unit is capable of playing most every bingo game on the market and comes with wired or wireless networking, and many advanced features not found on other units. The OneTouch ™ is capable of playing most Domestic and International 75# and 90# games!

MaxPak™ - Electronic Session Bingo

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Max Pak™

Max Pak™ continues to be a hit with hall operators and players alike. At first glance many see another electronic bingo device and think that they have seen it all. Not so with Max Pak™! Max Pak™ is the next generation in electronic bingo. Features include changeable daubers, flashboard, picture-in-picture television option, on-screen validation, outstanding graphics and more!

Players can also play a variety of class II and class III credit-based games off session, allowing you to increase your bottom line.

"Take Bingo to the Max!"

VIPick'em™ - Do-it-yourself! Pick your own numbers!
(Pick 3, Pick 6, Pick 8 or Pick 9)




Pick 8 - sample of full-size printed daub sheet.

pick 8 sample


VIPick'em™ is a computerized "do-it-yourself" system that eliminates the need for lock boxes, handwritten cards, and carbon copy bingo forms. Because cards are placed electronically, winners are instantly verified; thus saving valuable bingo session time.

VIPick'em™ is integrated with EPIC's™ Point-of-Sale, players may purchase their numbers at the admissions counter rather than standing in a separate "do-it" line.

As an aid, VIPick'em™ does not introduce a new game, merely a more manageable way of playing the Pick Game. VIPick'em™ allows players to store their favorite pick game numbers in your player club database. Each time they play, they may recall and purchase their favorite numbers. They have the option to have the numbers print on their cash receipt or play them on the PhD™, and OneTouch™. Playing them in the electronic unit saves paper usage and makes it easy for players to play more cards! As an added feature, players have the option of printing their Pick Game numbers on a large sheet at a self-serve kiosk. When they scan their player's-club card at the kiosk, a full size daubable sheet immediately prints on a laser printer.

The game's winners are instantly verified on the callers stage or at the Paymaster station. This electronic verification ensures game security and saves valuable bingo session time.

VIPick'em™ may be configured to play from a pick-3 to a pick-12 style game.

QuickPlay™ Games

The QuickPlay™ series of games offers exciting themes with spectacular graphics and sounds never before seen in bingo, and have a x5 bonus play tie-in to the MPBingo® multi-progressive jackpot engine!

Jungle Theme

Egyptian Theme

Western Theme

Disco Theme

Haunted House Theme

Patriot Theme