Planet Bingo® understands the frustrations that come with traditional pick-your-own-numbers games where players must remember, select, and recall all their favorite or lucky numbers, Our solution is to integrate player numbers into the Epic™ system and the Player's Club module for instant access.

Imagine, no pressure to remember to bring in your pick slips, no pressure to remember a large amount of numbers, and no long lines waiting for others to go through the same process at the point-of-sale.

VIPick'em™ is quite simple. Swipe your player card and voila! All your favorite and lucky numbers are right at the cashier's fingertips for loading into a PhD™, printing on paper or both! Electronics players can easily play hundreds of sets of numbers giving them a greater chance at winning and you increased sales.

And no more expensive NCR carbon forms to purchase and store. VIPick'em's™ print-on-demand feature prints on standard copy paper! Connect with one of our bingo consultants for more details.

vipickem sample paper and electronics