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It’s been a big year for big jackpots with life changing prizes being awarded most every month. The secret is out. Big games are being played daily, big prizes awarded by MPBingo® and big winners win tens of thousands of dollars playing bingo. A big one hit here and a big one hit there, the word ‘big’ is synonymous with MPBingo’s® popular multi-progressive game that adds big jackpots to regular bingo games.

Tracy Hart hit the big Green Jackpot for $59,190.00 while playing at Oneida Casino in Green Bay, WI. He words “Oh my god I got the green!” resonated throughout the bingo hall while the crowd cheered on.

On the other west side of the country at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon., CA, one lucky winner who wanted to remain anonymous won the big Blue Jackpot for $142.430.00 The crowd went wild!

It’s clear that MPBingo® pays big. The five progressive jackpots would make any bingo player salivate at the thought of winning on of the big cash prizes. Click here for articipating MPBingo® locations.

For your chance at a big win, head over to an MPBingo® high-stakes bingo hall and play a game or two of the only bingo game that offers 5 additional progressive jackpots on top of the regular hall prize on most games throughout the session. That’s up to 40 chances per session to win big!

For session times, schedules, and events, visit Oneida Casino on the web at or phone (800) 238-4263

For session times, schedules, and events at Sycuan Casino, visit them on the web at or phone 1-800-2-SYCUAN


13 must be a lucky number because on the 13th call on ball B13, Raymond C. Byers won $32,757.00 playing MPBingo® at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, CA

Raymond has been playing bingo for 30 years and has never hit a jackpot remotely close to this big. Thanks to Planet Bingo’s® MPBingo® and the PhD™ electronic handset, Raymond was able to hit the jackpot of a lifetime. “30 years playing a lot of bingo… finally won a “Big One”” were his words when he won the Green progressive jackpot. $32,757.00 should help Raymond enjoy another 30 years of bingo and hopefully many more gigantic jackpots!

Earlier in the month, the Blue progressive jackpot hit for $98,240.00 at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa, AZ. The winner who is maintaining their anonymity is also an avid bingo player staying loyal to the game for many years.

It goes to show you that bingo has staying power and is one of the best ways to entertain yourself while having a chance at winning some cold hard cash and thanks to MPBingo®, a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in progressive jackpots.

For more information about session times, specials and events, phone Sycuan Casino at 1-800-2-SYCUAN or visit




Fort McDowell Casino in Phoenix, AZ is a well known destination for winning MPBingo® jackpots and for awarding some of the largest prizes ever awarded in bingo history!

Dawn Briese plays at “The Fort” regularly for the chance at winning MPBingo®’s mega progressive jackpots. The five total prizes — Blue, Green, Purple, Red Yellow — range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dawn was on for the tens of thousands of dollars in Green MPBingo® cash on a #44 pattern with her PhD™ electronic handset. The only thing left to do was to wait for the screen to light up with the words “YELL BINGO”. Several calls later Dawn’s vocal cords came to life resonating the magic words across the hall and winning $32,702.00 in cash!

Dawn joins a long line of progressive jackpot winners at The Fort with her spectacular $32,702.00 cash win. For more information about session times, specials and events, phone Fort McDowell Casino at 1-800-THE-FORT or visit


Making bingo fun again with MPBingo® super jackpots has always been Planet Bingo’s® objective. Thousands of players have been playing and winning progressive jackpots every year since MPBingo’s® inception and more and more players are flocking to bingo halls for their chance at the big bucks. For a few dollars, people of all ages can have 3-4 hours of fun playing bingo while chasing tens of thousands of dollars in regular session games with MPBingo®.

Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY puts on quite the bingo shindig attracting all types of folk from jackpot chasers through budding bingo players. At just 18 years old, yes you read right, 18 years old, Kristin Briggs joins the ranks of the elite players in championship bingo. Kristin won the Green MPBingo® Jackpot for $27,130.00 on the Letter X. What do 18 year olds do when they want to have some good clean fun? We think Kristin is onto something… don’t you? Kristin is bound to have a lot more outings playing bingo with plenty to spare cash to go toward college!

MPBingo® offers 5 additional progressive jackpots on top of the regular game prize. For mere pennies per game, you can be eligible to win the massive MPBingo® Jackpots!

For more information about session times, specials and events, phone Turning Stone Casino at 800-771-7711 or visit


Stand up and look around and you’ll see Planet Bingo’s® MPBingo® jackpots galore! All across the country players are hitting major jackpots even on split prizes like the Green line won by both Karen Peterson and Frances Russell.

Karen and Frances don’t know each other but now share a common accomplishment in winning a Green line lump sum MPBingo® progressive jackpot, giving each lady $32,805.50 in bingo cash during the matinee session.

“Holy cow, where did that come from? I never even knew I had it! I can’t believe it I’m in shock right now… and a tremendous THANK YOU PLANET!!!!” Karen said.

“Oh how fun! I wasn’t even watching! I can’t believe I won the green! Oh my god what am I going to do with all this money? Thank you so much planet!” Frances said.

Lots of praises going out to Planet Bingo® for offering these exciting jackpots to bingo players. MPBingo® gives you the chance to win jackpots rarely seen in regular session bingo. With MPBingo®, those big progressive jackpots are available throughout the entire session on most regular games.


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