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At Oneida Casino in Green Bay, WI Phyllis Fisher who is camera shy walked away with $17,148.00 in prize money having hit the Green MPBingo® jackpot. Her only words… “WOW!”.

Some players have a lot to say when they’re excited while others can’t believe it and sit in shock.

MPBingo® pays monster jackpots throughout the session on regular games and is awarded over and above the regular session prize. Give it a try today and you could be the next big winner! Millions of dollars have already been won by thousands of players!


Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, NM was the first to strike down a green jackpot in the amount of $20,860.00.

Sandra Payne won the green jackpot on the crazy letter T the second to last game of the evening. Playing on a PHD™, Sandra immediately saw that the Green line was aligned against the pattern and she knew she was just one number away from a big payday. “I can’t believe it, it’s my first planet and it’s a green!... this has been a great day I am happy we played bingo tonight… my boyfriend had a Cow when I called him!”.

We hope Sandra and boyfriend like filet mignon because $20,860.00 buys a lot of prime cow!


Coushatta Casino Resort officially opened its doors to high-stakes bingo in 2012 and has already awarded one of the biggest jackpots in the country making it a must play bingo destination.

With the introduction of MPBingo® high-stakes progressives included in every package and the ability to play on high-tech PhD™ electronics, Coushatta elevated local bingo action into a new dimension of big money winners.

Jacqueline Leonard is among the early adopters and boy did it pay off! Thrilled at the prospect of winning life-changing jackpots, Jacqueline stepped into the newly opened Coushatta bingo hall and quickly became familiar with all the opportunities to win serious money. Playing MPBingo® on the PhD™, Jacqueline armed herself with impressive daubing power all working toward that big payday. With a little luck on her side, Jacqueline popped the MPBingo® green jackpot for $53,285.00 and became the first Coushatta high-stakes multi-progressive bingo jackpot winner.

Asked how she plans on spending the money, Jacqueline without hesitation replies; "I am sending my grandson to college. Praise the Lord!"

Coushatta offers high-stakes MPBingo® included in every package and whether you’re playing paper or electronics, everyone has a chance to win. For more information, visit Coushatta on the web at or phone 1-800-584-7263


Sycuan Casino offers one of the best bingo experiences in Southern California with millions of dollars awarded every year. Tens of thousands of players who visit the bingo hall enjoy a wide variety of high-stakes bingo that includes MPBingo® which has smashed bingo records worldwide for the highest jackpots awarded in regular session bingo.

Sycuan’s session includes the opportunity to play MPBingo® on a portable PhD™ electronic so you can stay focused on winning in your lucky seat. Sycuan also offers Planet’s OneTouch™ that lets you watch TV while playing bingo giving you the ultimate bingo experience.

Carleen Maloney plays bingo at Sycuan and takes advantage of the TV and bingo experience as well as the mega bingo jackpots with MPBingo®. Carleen was enjoying her usual game of bingo when her screen lit up with the green winning line within the Small Crazy Kite making Carleen $38,309.00 richer and one of the thousands of players who have won MPBingo’s® progressive jackpots.

Sycuan Casino offers bingo 7 days a week with high-stakes MPBingo®. For more information, visit Sycuan on the web at or phone 1-800-2-SYCUAN


Katherine S. took a chance on bingo and came out with champagne bubbles full of MPBingo® cash.

Celebrate the New Year with a life-changing jackpot just like Katherine when she played MPBingo® at Sandia Resort & Casino. Daub after daub Katherine daubed her way into a daubing new year when the Green Jackpot hit for $45,788.00 giving Katherine a fabulous start to 2012.

MPBingo’s® Blue Jackpot is currently over $200,000.00 and is waiting for someone to take it home. The Red, Purple and Yellow jackpots are impressive within their own right with the Red paying out over $6,000.00 recently!

For a good time, Sandia offers bingo 7 days a week with sales starting at 11am daily. Along with high-stakes MPBingo®, Sandia offers fine dining, golf, various acts at their outdoor amphitheater and a stunning resort.

Sandia’s schedule may be viewed online at or by calling (505) 796-7500.


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