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MPBingo® jackpots are once again making their rounds in California’s San Diego County. Just this past month, Sycuan Casino awarded a very handsome sum of $36,255.00 in MPBingo® green jackpot cash and here we are again with more big jackpots coming from San Diego County’s premier bingo hall.

Yvette Elig is one of those players who knows when she sees opportunity and when MPBingo® started being offered at Sycuan, she immediately jumped on the gravy train. Since its launch at Sycuan, MPBingo® has been won countless times with the latest round of winners going home with big impressive Green jackpots!

Yvette was playing on one of those fancy MaxPak electronics from Planet Bingo™ that allows you to watch TV while you play bingo. Instead of her favorite soap opera though, Ivette was looking for those magic words “yell bingo” and when she saw them, she was instantly $28,899.00 richer! “I can’t believe it!” she said after her win. $28,890.00 would make anyone feel like they’re in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Congratulations to Yvette! We wish her many more MPBingo® wins only offered at Sycuan Casino - voted Best Bingo Hall in Southern California! Sycuan Resort & Casino is located in El Cajon, CA. For more information, call 619-445-6002 or visiting them on the web at

Elizabeth Lavarier is not the only one singing praise for Sycuan Resort & Casino’s bingo schedule featuring MPBingo®. Not only is Sycuan’s Bingo hall an absolute gem of a facility with extremely comfy chairs, beautiful designer tables, and endless opportunities to go home with pockets stuffed with cash, but it is the only bingo hall in Southern California that offers MPBingo® or the ‘jackpot game’ as players have come to know it. Along with Sycuan’s commitment to outstanding service, the schedule was crafted in a way that offers players big MPBingo® jackpots and exceptional value for money. The hundreds of daily players will attest to that!

We’ve seen many winners over the past few months at Sycuan and it breaks our hearts to report that some have not been so lucky because they didn’t buy into the MPBingo® jackpot game! That means that when they won the MPBingo® jackpot, they simply didn’t get paid. But those who did buy-in to the game – just like you would with any special – walked away lining their pockets nicely. MPBingo® may be won on 8 regular games during every session and there’s no limit to how many times it can be won by one person!

In the case of Elizabeth Lavarier, she always buys into MPBingo® because she knows that MPBingo® has awarded millions of dollars to thousands of players over the years! Not realizing what had happened, Elizabeth, after winning the regular jackpot of $300.00 also won the $36,255.00 Green Jackpot in the MPBingo® Jackpot Game! ”Thirty-Six thousand dollars?! I thought I only won three hundred!” she said after winning. Wow, what a surprise it must have been! Elizabeth’s win comes soon after the green MPBingo® jackpot was won by another lucky player!

Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning this spectacular MPBingo® Green Jackpot at the only casino in Southern California that offers the MPBingo® Jackpot Game. Head. Remember to ask for the MPBingo® Jackpot Game when buying your session to be eligible to win big. Sycuan Resort & Casino is located in El Cajon, CA. For more information, call 619-445-6002 or visiting them on the web at

Summer is here and that means more people are out enjoying the sun. For those of you who prefer air conditioned comfort over 3 digit outdoor temperatures, you’re reaping the jackpot benefits with MPBingo® jackpots and we all know what can be done with a massive $45,120.00 cash prize don’t we? That’s right; we can take a nice summer vacation to one of those fancy resorts on one of those exotic islands so we can sip on one of those drinks with fancy fruit we can barely pronounce and those cute little umbrellas in them.

MPBingo® Hot Summer Jackpots are all the rage all around the country and it’s even better in Durant Oklahoma. Doloris Hall is no dummy. She loves playing bingo especially with MPBingo®, indoors, where the temperature is regulated to a perfect human comfort level. Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK is the place where she likes to frequent to play MPBingo® because it is not offered anywhere else in the area and anyone who plays bingo knows that bingo without MPBingo® is, well, just not the same.

Much like most players, Doloris was busy daubing away when she yelled bingo after realizing that the green line winner was on and she may have won it! After the sirens around the hall went off and the crowd roared in jubilation, Doloris knew that only meant one thing - she had won $45,120.00 in Green MPBingo® cash! “I love MPBingo® and I love Planet” she said excitedly.

Congratulations Doloris on a spectacular win! Our hat comes off to Doloris who will never forget this $45,120.00 summer and who now joins thousands of other MPBingo™ jackpot winners in the MPBingo Jackpot club!


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