The PhD™ is an ultra portable electronic unit capable of playing most every bingo game on the market. It offers a full 10.4” oversized color display, vibrant graphics, and intuitive user interface.

PhD™ 3T

The PhD™ 3T is a 10.4” vibrant color touchscreen.  Its intuitive user interface can handle two types of games in split-screen mode utilizing Planet Bingo’s® SimulPlay™ feature and also has numerous operator and player features.

RNG Ball Call System

Planet Bingo‘s® GameControl™ now has the latest and greatest functionality to its software. Portable, stand-alone RNG for bingo halls, event centers, and lounges. Our Random Number Generator (RNG) is BMM certified and eliminates the high cost of blowers and bingo balls. Can be used with your existing bingo blower, manual RNG, or auto RNG.