Hardware Solutions

Software Solutions


MPBingo® adds five additional progressive jackpots, in the form of five colors that can be won in addition to the regular prize on most all regular session bingo games.  MPBingo® can be played on paper AND electronics so everyone can play.  There’s no need to follow the jackpot colors as MPBingo® automatically detects a winner.

Planet Bingo® Mobile App

If you love bingo you’ll love Planet Bingo’s® new mobile app!  Never wait in bingo lines again by ordering your bingo electronic, paper, daubers, and even your seat–up to month in advance!  Then, have them delivered right to your seat at the hall!

PlanetKeno® & PlanetPoker®

For the first time ever, Class II games that have the same math AND playability of Class III games–but CERTIFIED as Class II.  PlanetPoker®, U.S. Patent No.11,625,988 B2, and PlanetKeno® both have indistinguishable math par sheets, are gaming Lab certified, interface with all slot accounting software, and have identical paytables as their comparable Class III games.  We challenge you to tell the difference!


SimulPlay™ is the ability to play any two games, at the same time on the same screen, without losing any of the functionality of either game.  Both games function as if they were playing on a single screen. When a Bingo is achieved the Phd™, and OneTouch®, automatically moves to the YELL BINGO screen when the player has a winning card.


Complete electronic, and paper, u-pick system that is fully integrated with the EPIC™ point-of-sale and verification.  With VIPick’em™ there are more choices, more sales, and more profits!  Players can play on paper, electronics, or both.  Your players can easily play thousands of cards by loading their VIPick’ems™ directly onto their electronics.

Video Spin ‘n Win™

​​​​​​Instant door prizes have never been so powerful!  Get creative by including prizes that promote higher product sales and offer a unique environment that entices attendance.  Video Spin ‘n Win™ integrates with the EPIC™ point-of-sale for convenience and quick rewards.

Video Raffle™

Give your players a chance at winning additional cash and prizes with Planet Bingo’s® Video Raffle™ system that is designed to delight and entertain.  The electronic raffle drum is presented using vibrant video animations that automatically update with entrant information so everyone can feel the excitement.  With Video Raffle™ you have total control, total freedom, and total entertainment!


​​​​​​SuperGames™ is a powerful custom game platform that puts you in control of gaming and content development.  In a short amount of time, Planet Bingo® can transform your ideas into reality, quickly and efficiently and create totally unique games for your hall with a 20% to 40% hold–or more!

Signature Series™

The Planet Bingo® Signature Series™ is an insured bingo game designed to add value and high-stakes excitement into your bingo program.  Available with a top prize up to $100,000, it has a proven track record with astonishing sales at many of our locations across the country.

Session Bingo

Encompassing the entire spectrum of bingo with 75#, 80#, and 90# configurations, Planet Bingo® can configure any of our game solutions to accommodate your specific needs, market, and legal requirements.


QuickPlay™ offers a variety of game themes that cater to demographics of all types.  Fast, 24# bingo action fused with exciting game play, sounds, and multiple ways to win make QuickPlay™ an instant hit among players.  QuickPlay™ also offers five progressive jackpots by using MPBingo’s® progressive jackpot engine.  Utilizing Planet Bingo’s® SimulPlay™ feature, QuickPlay™ can be played during the regular session.


GemHunt™ is Planet Bingo's® version of pari-mutuel speed bingo and can be played on a PhD™ or on the OneTouch® fixed base electronic.  Generate profit on every game no matter the outcome.  Attract a new demographic, and draw large crowds, with the built-in capabilities for tournaments and special events.  With the pari-mutuel prize structure there is no liability and being virtually hands free GemHunt™ requires less employees which translates to more profits for your hall.


The EPIC™ System is considered the most comprehensive bingo hall management system available today.  It operates in some of the world’s largest, and most profitable, gaming centers.  EPIC's™ unique design is customer and compliance driven.  It takes advantage of decades of operational experience, and incorporates features and refinements not available in any other system.  EPIC™ can interface with ALL casino players’ club systems in order to share valuable customer data between the bingo hall and casino.  EPIC™ is gaming lab certified and facilitates full compliance with the NIGC MICS for Class II Bingo.

Casino Facts™

From chips to currency, Casino Facts™ makes managing your casino vault operations a snap.  Casino Facts™ tracks all your electronic data across multiple vendors, table ratings, tournaments, events, and promotions management in a tidy package that is easy to use and understand while providing a complete picture of the profitability of your operation.


Buy-on-the-Fly™ allows bingo customers to purchase bingo cards electronically during a bingo session before the start of any bingo game.  Customers purchase credits at the EPIC™ Point-of-Sale stations in the hall.  When credits are purchased they are used to purchase bingo cards and/or play games like QuickPlay™, GemHunt™, PlanetPoker®, and PlanetKeno®.  The credit balance can be refunded back to the customer at any time, using the customer’s receipt and/or the customer’s players’ club card.  This feature will attract more players to the use of electronics which increases hall profitability at the same time.

Bonanza Trades™

Used in conjunction with Buy-on-the-Fly™, Bonanza Trades™ allows customers to trade their unwanted electronic Bonanza cards for new ones.  Your customer will get two new cards for every one card they trade.  This is exclusive, patented software of Planet Bingo®.

Planet Raffle™

Planet Raffle™ is the newest craze to hit bingo halls. Bring in more more value and entertainment to your charity or hall. Check with Planet Bingo® to see if Planet Raffle™ is available in your jurisdiction.

Services & Consulting


Show us your data and we'll show you how to maximize your profits through small strategic changes.  Planet Bingo's® experts show you how to overcome obstacles in every aspect of your operation, maximizing efficiency and profit by completely revitalizing your operation, top to bottom, giving you a modernized competitive edge through profitability analysis, space design, space planning, session planning, product mix development, promotions, and events.  Planet Bingo® also offers full-service turn-key new hall startup.

PCI/EMV Compliance

​​​​​​The EPIC™ Bingo Management System is Gaming Labs approved to accept credit cards and increase your player spending and have no liability for fraud. Let us get you Chip and Pin Compliant, PCI Compliant and P2Pe Compliant. We'll also take a look at what you are paying in credit card fees–we may be able to save you substantial fees from what you are currently paying.

EPIC™ Player Tracking

Universal Player Gateway with real time player tracking interfaces with all the industry recognized player tracking systems.  Track the games that your customers play and use point bonuses to bring them back interchangeably between Bingo, the slot floor, card rooms, and etc. making it easier and seamlessly for players to take their points between the two.